Good deeds ever go unnoticed. Therefore the Jalisco Institute of Social Welfare (IJAS) decided to felicitate those who promote social welfare while doing their work. The Chairman of the North Coast IJAS, Jorge Garcia de Alba Diaz de Sandi, said the Institute strives to promote professionalism and ensure transparency in social welfare with the aim of creating altruistic links between people with ability to give and the institutions that were created in order to help those less fortunate.

Businesswoman Eva Sanchez, owner of the Restaurant River Cafe and Chef Thierry Blouet, owner of the restaurants Thierry's in Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita were awarded with the Altruistic Entrepreneur 2012 award. Food Bank was lauded for their good works and ensuring the transparency of the resources used in support of the needy.


At the same event, Juan Arana swore in as the Director of Chapter Puerto Vallarta of the North Coast IJAS Council, who promotes altruistic activities between Rotary Clubs and the general public. First Lady of Puerto Vallarta and President of DIF, Jennifer Serur, who acknowledged the work done by the North Coast IJAS to ensure proper and transparent use of resources, was thanked for her invaluable support. 

Puerto Vallarta real estate region is culturally and socially one of the most important in Mexico. Apart from its sun kissed beaches and mountains, Puerto Vallarta is popular also for its art galleries, museums, gourmet restaurants and an active social scene. Both personalities and people in Puerto Vallarta are always actively involved in  many social causes which makes it a greta place to live not only for Mexicans but also expats from USA, Europeans and Canadians.