In a move that will surely please Puerto Vallarta condo owners and investors,  FONATUR, a federal body in charge of identifying and developing tourism opportunities along the country has issued an order focusing on sustainable tourism. The study related to tourism will define strategies, actions and investments for short, medium and long term in the tourism sector.

Aurelio López Rocha, Jalisco Tourism Secretary, explained that the “Tourism Development Program of Puerto Vallarta Historic Center” will boost the competitiveness, branding and attractiveness of the destination.

Approximately 100 hectares of Puerto Vallarta’s downtown will be covered under the study. It includes from arroyo Camarones in the North to Macuas street in the South, and from the Pacific Ocean in the West to Brasil street and Highway 200 in the East, and it will be delivered by Enrique Carrillo Lavat, General Director of FONATUR, on September 12th, 2012.

The new program will bring together diverse actors of the tourism sector like business owners, the transport industry, taxi drivers, academics and hotel owners. The development project aims to improve Puerto Vallarta as a world class tourism destination and focus on sectors which still need to be worked upon.

Puerto Vallarta’s downtown is already undergoing a revitalization project that has brought changes to iconic sites of the destination, like the Malecon and the Los Muertos Pier, among others. Such development projects always benefit the region and also acts like a catalyst for the tourism sector.

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