Holidaying in Puerto Vallarta real estate can be fun till you know where you are and you are familiar with the region. Therefore it is always advisable to have a brief idea of the place you are going to visit and what to expect there. Various forums on travel sites are open for such discussions so that fellow travelers enrich their knowledge of a place, share them and make memorable holidays.

One such concerned traveler wants to know about possible ways of commuting from Bucerias to Punta Mita. The query was posted on Tripadvisor. The following are the replies to the post:
  • Good and reliable bus service is available from Bucerias to Punta Mita. Ample of busses ply on the route and one can catch one on the highway.
  • If boarding from Nuevo Vallarta, then one can stop in front of Mega store.
  • It is very easy to board a bus to Punta Mita. Buses are available across from the entrance to the Four Seasons Resort.

This clearly implies that one should not have a hard time finding a bus that serve on the Bucerias-Punta Mita route. The towns of Punta Mita and Bucerias are located on the northern beaches of Banderas Bay. Bucerias is a picturesque town with cobblestone paths and pristine beaches. It's the perfect place to relax and rewind.

Long stretches of fine-sand beaches and spectacular blue and crystal-clear waters surround Punta Mita. The region is situated in an exotic environment made up of volcanic rock. Due to its spectacular beauty and tranquility and the luxury hotels, Punta Mita has become the preferred choice among those looking for serenity and privacy.

And with such transportation one is sure to experience the serenity offered by both the places.

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