Puerto Vallarta Shows Why it is the #1 Destination in Mexico!

With mountains offering adventures, wonderful beaches providing relaxation and the warm sun brightening up everyone, Puerto Vallarta is turning into a favorite vacation destination. The destination been attracting tourists from all over the world and the number has been increasing with every passing month.

Puerto Vallarta ahead of Cancun, Los Cabos in Hotel Occupancy Rate

Data released by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR) suggests that hotel occupancy in Puerto Vallarta has increased by 10% this summer season. This figure has doubled Mexico’s hotel occupancy growth rate from 4% to 8.97%.

The glittering town in the Pacific recorded 62.18% hotel occupancy in 2011 whereas it was 71.75% during Mexico’s summer season of July 2nd to August 19th. Puerto Vallarta is the clear winner when it comes to amount of rooms occupied per day. The figure for Puerto Vallarta is triple when compared to the amounts reported by Cancun and Los Cabos. Puerto Vallarta recorded a 16.77% jump from 7,022 to 8,199 rooms whereas Cancun and Los Cabos reported 6.26% and 4.11% increase respectively.

The town also had a very successful Tianguis and Spring break season as hotel occupancy also rose during that period. March occupancy rates increased by 9%, with nearly 140,000 tourists. Puerto Vallarta maintained similar hotel occupancy rates throughout April with an influx of 101,025 visitors.

From January to June of 2012, international visitors occupied 613,854 hotel rooms in Puerto Vallarta in comparison to 590,921 for the same period in 2011.

Strong performance can be attributed to multipronged efforts to promote Puerto Vallarta overseas as the tourist destination in Mexico. Efforts such as Puerto Vallarta Floods Phoenix, Puerto Vallarta in focus at Vancouver Mexico Fest and Puerto Vallarta Season in US, Canada are bearing fruits.

Located on Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta is world known for an array of luxurious hotel accommodations; from picturesque villas to 5-star all-inclusive resorts, and boutique hotels the destination has options that suit every visitor. With a warm and gay friendly ambience, Vallarta is a famous gay vacation spot.The destination has positioned itself as one of the most visited beach destinations in Mexico.  With such upward growth, Puerto Vallarta is also developing into a great investment opportunity.

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