Situated in the gorgeous Riviera Nayarit seaside, Mexico, Tau Resorts is a luxurious institution which looks like an exotic spot straight out of a journey magazine. This sophisticated all-inclusive vacation getaway received top honors this year when a survey executed by Apple Vacation awarded Tau Resorts as one of the top destinations to travel in the year 2012. With its lavish surroundings, excellent service, natural beauty and its pristine shores, the resort has earned a shining reputation as Mexico’s newest and one of the most exciting holiday destination with lots of thrilling promises.

Global recognition for Tau Resorts, Riviera Nayarit

Tau Resorts is an upscale resort that is set to take the world by storm for its lavish surroundings and excellent service. This amazing resort is being built on Riviera Nayarit due to this beach’s pristine environment and natural beauty. Recently tourists have taken notice, and through Apple Vacation’s 2012 Crystal Awards, Riviera Nayarit Beach was awarded the top destination to travel to this year. The soon to be finished Tau Resorts recognizes what a great honor it is to be located on the best beach in the entire world. There were many strict guidelines that seasoned travelers had to consider before making their choice, and Tau Resorts will be located right in the middle of the perfection that is the Riviera Nayarit.

Tau Resorts will be located on Riviera Nayarit Beach which is one of the safest locations for tourists to travel in the world. This secluded beach is made up of the crystal clear water of Banderas Bay, and white sand beaches. No matter the age, or physical limitations of travelers, this beach is the perfect getaway. That is why it was no surprise that the Riviera Nayarit has received such positive attention. Locals are also pleased, and have remarked that this beach was always their favorite of Puerto Vallarta’s many beaches. It was past time for the beach of the upcoming Tau Resorts Riviera Nayarit to be granted the attention that this location deserves.

The 2012 Apple Vacations award of Riviera Nayarit Beach was awarded in Chicago, Illinois. This is a highly anticipated award every year that many travelers pay great attention to. Due to the awarding of this honor, many tourists have already started to reserve lodgings for the opening of Tau Resorts. The trend of travelers that vacation in Puerto Vallarta this year is thought to drastically increase from previous numbers. This is why so many people are being proactive, and planning their vacations months in advance to this special beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The best way to experience the Riviera Nayarit Beach will be to stay at Tau Resorts, and tourists have started scheduling their trips in anticipation of this world renowned beach, making this resort’s opening the top event of 2013.

Tau Resorts is one of the newest in construction luxury resorts in all of Mexico, and is expected to bring a new air of sophistication to the hospitality industry in Puerto Vallarta. This resort is highly anticipated even prior to this fabulous award given to the Riviera Nayarit Beach. Tau Resorts will be an all-inclusive vacation getaway that is central to all the action that is craved on vacations, and will be located on one of the world’s most famous beaches. This resort will only get busier as the tourists flock to Puerto Vallarta, as Tau Resorts is going to be the best option to explore the award winning Riviera Nayarit Beach.

The luxurious accommodations in Puerto Vallarta Mexico never fail to leave an impression. The world is already a fan of its beaches, water, sun and the natural setting. Now its developments leave the tourists awestruck. A blend of such phenomenal development and natural beauty, Mexico is definitely delightful living.

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