The 57th International Marlin and Sailfish Tournament will take place in Puerto Vallarta from November 7 to 10. This fishing tournament has been a tradition among fishermen from all over Mexico since 1956. Now this tournament attracts fishermen from all over the globe as they eagerly wait to compete in it.

Registration for the tournament is already on its way and more than 50 teams have already pre-registered for the event. The teams who complete early-bird registration prior to October 31 will qualify for a discount on the registration fee.

All the participants will depart from Pier 2 of the API which is also the weigh-in point. There will be bleachers to accommodate up to 300 spectators, with the access point at Gate 15 located at the corner of avenues Prisciliano Sanchez and Francisco Medina Asencio. The categories and their prizes have been mentioned as follows:

Sailfish Prizes (Nextel Prize):
  • First place: A new Silverado pickup
  • Second Place: A four-door Spark sedan
  • Third Place: A stay for four people at Hotel Vamar
  • Fourth place: A reproduction of a Joseph Baldi original painting, the artist who created the tournament logo.
Marlin Prizes (Crown Award):
  • First place: $ 200 000 thousand pesos
  • Second Place: A four-door Matiz car
  • Third Place: A stay for four people at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Club in Los Cabos
  • Fourth place: A reproduction painting
Tuna Prizes (Puerto Vallarta City Award):
  • First place: A four-door Aveo car
  • Second Place: Zaragoza Marine Fishing equipment
  • Third place: A stay at the Hotel Friendly for four people
  • Fourth place: A replica of a painting
Dorado (Opequimar Award):
  • First place: A four-door Matiz car
  • Second Place: Professional fishing gear
  • Third place: A stay at the Hotel Secrets Resorts and Spa
  • Fourth place: A reproduction painting

Catch & Release Awards prizes are a bronze sculpture and reproduction painting.  In addition, there will be jackpots with a total value of $ 200,000 dollars.

For registration, log on to the website The official registration will be done on November 7 at the Opequimar Yacht Club, opposite the Westin Regina Hotel from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

Puerto Vallarta MLS region is a heaven for fishing and regularly hosts many fishing tournaments. Not just fishing Vallarta is the hub of many world class sportig and adventure events such as Kiteboarding championships.

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