Puerto Vallarta condo owners consider themselves since they live in a city which can be arguably called as the gastronomical center of Mexico. The Second Traditional Cuisine Festival was held at the City Municipal Presidency and Main Square, Puerto Vallarta. The festival began on October 25 and ended on 27th of the same month. The three day event was organized to keep up with the distinction accorded by UNESCO as Mexican cuisine being declared Immaterial World Heritage.

The festival is guided by the motto, “Our traditional cuisine tastes better with tequila and mariachi”. This shall ensure that the festival will be a vibrant celebration of Mexican food and culture.
 A total of 9 states of the country and a university have participated in the festival. At least three authentic chefs from each region were present at the event. The chefs  shared their gastronomy, traditions, methods and knowledge to prepare traditional dishes from their own states. The entrance fee for the festival was kept at $120 pesos. This fee included food, drink, live music, mariachi, tequila tastings and folkloric ballet.

The previous edition of the Traditional Cuisine Festival had a colorful display of sauces, tacos, tortillas, tamales, desserts, and beverages. This year too people had great fun and this merriment is sure to grow in the coming years
Food is a prominent feature of Puerto Vallarta. The local flavors and the beautiful surroundings have blended well to be served on a platter as a world class dish. The town with its unique combination of sea, mountains and colonial experience makes it one of the top destinations of Mexico. Major annual food and wine festivals such as the Vallarta Wine Fest organized during the month of March and the annual International Gourmet Festival held in November are a major attraction of the town. Majority of the Puerto Vallarta’s restaurants are the recipients of the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences promising of great hospitality and lip smacking food.

Great food and such events are definitely irresistible combination. So come to Puerto Vallarta to have your platter of fun and spices.

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