Riviera Nayarit is a nearly 200 mile stretch of gorgeous coastline in Mexico offering luxury in the lap of nature. It is booming into a top class vacation destination with vacationers seeking adventure amidst the picturesque setting. This feature encouraged the destination to host the Riviera Nayarit Beach Boogie 2013.

The event which took place from February 14th till 24th of the same month attracted some of the best skydivers in the world. Skydivemex organized the event and they had a great time as they opened an arena of fun which was not so popular for the public. Diego Orozco, one of the organizers informed that they want to start planning with the skydivers in order to break the World Record in 2014.

Orozoco added that more than 100 skydivers jumped from over 13,000 feet, with a freefall lasting over 1 minute, and reaching a speed of 125 mph before they opened their parachutes and began their planned descent to the beaches in front of the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta. They skydived for 10 days at a stretch splashing new colors in the skies of Riviera Nayarit. It was indeed a spectacular event to witness as it also opened up possibilities for those who have never experienced skydiving.
Amateurs also tried their skills in the sports by being tandem with some of the best professionals in the world. The head of Skydivemex announced that the goal of this event is to promote and develop the sport.

The event was a collective effort by the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) of Riviera Nayarit and the Government for the People, headed by Roberto Sandoval Castañeda. These groups are putting in their best efforts to transform Riviera Nayarit into an attractive destination for tourists. The more visitors explore Mexico’s Pacific Treasure, the more it will boost the economy for all the people in Nayarit. Hence they are striving to strike the right balance between fun and work to make the destination feature prominently on the tourist map.

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