I know it, my clients know it, and now Huffington Post has also confirmed it. Puerto Vallarta is arguably the best retirement destination in the world. Though there is some tough competitions in the region from the likes of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Puerto Vallarta manages to be the numero uno among them because of its long list of advantages.
While deciding a retirement destination, a lot of factors is taken in to account – budget, climate, amenities and safety. According to the Huffington Post article while places like Ecuador, Panama or Nicaragua can be significantly affordable and also comfortable, they are not the places where you can live a life of luxury you are accustomed to in your native country. If you live in these places then you may have to sacrifice many of the facilities and luxuries that you took for granted back home.

In a sharp contrast to these destinations is the Mexican town of Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful confluence of the old and the new. According to the article, Puerto Vallarta is the #1 choice “more fully appointed Pacific coast lifestyle”.

While some may argue that Puerto Vallarta is not cheapest retirement destination in Mexico or anywhere in the world, it compares favorably with Rio Grande or Newport Beach on the basis of real estate prices. Also, Puerto Vallarta trumps other destinations because it is highly developed. Not only you can live here comfortably but also enjoy “world-class lifestyle in a region with world-class beaches and ocean views that is supported, right now, by world-class golf courses, marinas, restaurants, and shopping.” 

The author of the article even says that this lifestyle comparable to southern California is available only on a limited basis worldwide. You don’t have to wait for the place to be developed in the near future. This lifestyle is here for you to enjoy now. You’re not investing here in a hope that the region will develop and you will gain neat profit after 10 years. No. Puerto Vallarta is here and now. It has all the facilities, resorts, hotels, high-rise condominium complexes, extensive road network, active local government, thriving tourism and an International Airport.

Puerto Vallarta is already a travel and convention hub. It surrounding area like Riviera Nayarit give you lot more options.

The choice is easy. Puerto Vallarta is the #1 retirement destination. Buy your retirement home and enjoy a world-class lifestyle  which perhaps no other destination can offer at such prices.