The famous Bucerías Patron Saint Festival in honor of Our Lady of Peace will be held from January 16-24. This is an annual festival that reaffirms the region’s faith. This festival is unique to this region and the people who live here. The festival full of religious fervor and tradition attracts sizeable number of tourists from all over the world. This event is social gathering where all people from different sections of the society come together to take part in religious, cultural, musical and sporting activities.

One of the highlight of the festival is the float parade and the coronation of the festival queen. The religious celebration includes several pilgrimages to some 18 villages around Bucerías.

The first day Lady’s Torch is received and is organized by Rosalina Ávalos. After that baptisms will take place on the 19th.  The Misa de Mañanitas and the Misa de Alba (Daybreak Mass) will be held every morning at 5 a.m., with a Rosary at 5 p.m. along with a flower offering, followed by the arrival of the pilgrims and another Mass. On the last day, the Men’s Torch will be received which will be organized by Domingo Ávalos.

There will be 12 straight hours of celebration on January 24th, starting with the Mañanitas sung to the Virgin and her Misa de Alba. Mid-morning, the amazing pilgrimage of the Cruz de Huanacaxtle will arrive by sea as well as by land, courtesy of the Mexican cowboys, or charros.

At noon a Concelebrated Mass will take place, presided by Bishop Luis Artemio along with other local priests, followed by a local gathering. That afternoon, another Mass will be held and in the evening the traditional fireworks will light up the night.

Because the Plaza de Bucerías is still under construction, the cultural and artistic activities will take place in front of the Church along Avenida México at the calle Guerrero cross street, where a stage has been built.

The shows begin every night at 8 p.m. sharp and include folk dancing, Polynesian and African dances, music groups, bands and mariachi, concluding with a presentation of the Nayar folkloric ballet, Mexcatitlán Folkoric ballet and the junio mariachi.

A duathlon will take place on the morning of the 24th, as well as beach volleyball tournaments. A charreada, or Mexican rodeo, will take place on the Corona Esplanade on the 19th and the 24th