Puerto Vallarta To Host International Birding Festival Of 2014
Puerto Vallarta is nature lover’s delight. Famous for its natural beauty, forests, ocean and marine life, Puerto Vallarta region is also a haven for over 400 species of birds. Bay of Banderas because of its topography - mountains and thick forest cover – is perfect abode for our feathered friends.

While most nature enthusiasts know Puerto Vallarta for its dolphins, whales and turtles, it also boasts of a rich bio-diversity which is unparalleled in the continent. The region is home to over 300 species of orchids, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and birds.

Thriving in warm temperature, sun and rain, forests here consists of Chiltle, Brazil or the Dyewood, Tampicirán, Amapa,Cedar, Walnut, Primavera and Parotas. Wildlife consists of white-tailed deer, jaguarondi, jaguar, pumas, ocelots, coati mundi, skunks, rabbits, badgers, coyotes, wild boars, margays, armadillos and iguanas.

Bird watchers can spot Tropical Kingbird, Great Kiskadee, Hooded Oriole, Amazon Parrots and Blue-footed Booby Bird, Frigatebird, Laughing Gulls and Green Macaws.

To encourage bird watching and to raise awareness of the region rich flora and fauna, The International Birding Festival will commence at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. The festival will held from March 6-9, 2014 by the Vallarta Bird Conservancy.

Greg Homel who is a word famous ornithologist, photographer, film documentary maker and lecturer will be the featured Keynote Speaker and tour guide.

 Other tour guide leaders will be:

  • Alex Martinez, publisher of the guide and checklist for the birds of Puerto Vallarta area, “The Birds from Paradise”
  • M. en C. Carlos Bonilla, publisher of a field guide of birds from the coast of Oaxaca
  • Paul Hart,  bird photographer
  • Dr. William Trachtenberg, M.D., vice president of the Vallarta Bird Conservancy’s
  • Steve Shunk, co
  • founder of the Oregon Birding Trails program and the East Cascades Bird Conservancy
  • Fernando Romo Sirvent,  marine biologist.
  • Manuel Grosselet, founder of Bird Land, AC, member of Bird Banding Group Tropics, as well as bander and trainer certified by the North American Bird Banding Council
  • M.C. Alfonso Langle, founder of Noways Christmas Bird Counts of Guadalajara
  • Luis Morales, a marine biologist and co
  • founder of the San Pancho Bird Observatory
  • Dr. Jorge Ernesto Schöndube Friedewold, with the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in charge of the Laboratory of Functional Ecology Ecosystems Research Center in the city of Morelia
  • Rodrigo Rodriguez,  photographer and documentary film specialist

The festival includes a General Public Day on March 9 which will offer tours and workshops for adults and children over 12 years of age. It will include boat tours of EL Salado, a bird identification workshop, and the Pitillal River Tour.

Pre-extension and post-extension tours and workshops run from February 28 through March 5 and March 10 through 16.

You can register online for the 4 day International Birding Festival or the General Public Day from the vallartabirdfestival.org.

Puerto Vallarta regular hosts such events (1st Festival for the Conservation Ballenarte in Puerto Vallarta Jan 08, 2014)