Just recently, Gay WeHo published an article recounting P.L. Howard’s travel to Puerto Vallarta which has been described the “Gay Paradise”. Puerto Vallarta has a vibrant LGBT community which is flourishing due to the warm and friendly attitude of the people and business communities in the resort destination. Gays find accommodation easily due to gay friendly real estate agents in Puerto Vallarta.

According to WeHo, there are a host of factors which make Puerto Vallarta so appealing as a gay paradise for all gay tourist around the world. Here is a list of some of them:

1) Proximity: Puerto Vallarta is close to United States. It’s just 976 miles and 2.45 hrs. flight from LA.

2) Beach: Puerto Vallarta has an expansive “Gay Beach” with many hotels, resorts, nightclubs which provide the best food, lodging and services.

3) Accommodations: Getting a rental condo is very easy. In fact Puerto Vallarta is a great retirement destination where many expats from USA and Canada live. One find affordable as well as luxury condominiums for sale in Puerto Vallarta on internet. Website likes VallartaRealEstateGroup.com provides extensive property listings at your fingertips.

4) Buzzing nightlife: The gay scene in Puerto Vallarta is quite happening. There is no dearth of lounges, dance clubs for gays.

5) Dining: Puerto Vallarta is a foodie’s delight. From taco stands to 5 star restaurants, Puerto Vallarta offers everything. From sumptuous Mexican fare to Global cuisine, a traveller can find plenty of things to keep his taste buds happy.

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