Puerto Vallarta is a gay haven. Members of the LGBT community come to Puerto Vallarta for travel, leisure and settle because of its gay friendly environment from all over the world. The businesses in Puerto Vallarta are very welcoming to the gay community and support their every endeavor like the Vallarta Pride event held every year. Gay expats also do not find any problem in finding a home for them due to gay real estate agents in Puerto Vallarta with well-established and reputed businesses. All this has not gone unnoticed among the LGBT media. Recently, one of the major Gay media publications DallasVoice.com featured Puerto Vallarta in its list of 7 gay-friendly off-season destinations that are easy on the wallet.

In fact, the article placed Puerto Vallarta on the top of its list. The luxury beachfront CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa came in for special mention as the first hotel in the area to earn a certification in LGBT Service Excellence from Out Now Global.

Puerto Vallarta has positioned itself as the leading LGBT destination in the world. Every year thousands of gays visit Puerto Vallarta every year. Puerto Vallarta’s stylish and glitzy night life with gay only nightclubs, bars, hotels and spas provide ample opportunities to the gays and lesbians to unwind without any care or inhibitions.

The gay community in Puerto Vallarta is strong and well knit. Many businesses such as VallartaRealEstateGroup.com cater exclusively to the gay expats and investors interested in buying properties like condo and villas.

Puerto Vallarta was also hailed as a Gay Paradise by Gay Weho and as the Top Gay Honeymoon spot by CNN. With such acknowledgements coming in thick and fast, time is not far when Puerto Vallarta will be the #1 LGBT destination in the world.