Puerto Vallarta puts a high premium on its ecology. From time to time special campaigns, drives and projects are initiated to clean and maintain its assets such as beaches, forests and rivers. One such effort is the new project to clean Ameca river flowing through Puerto Vallarta. Earlier Vallarta Real Estate Group also reported about the beach up campaign by authorities in the neighboring Riviera Nayarit.  

Prevent contamination of the Ameca River with the help of the city water, sewerage, and sanitation department of Puerto Vallarta. They have begun construction of a collector that will help prevent contamination of the Ameca River.

This effort to clean up the river is the team work of CONAGUA, State, and City officials and was flagged off with the investment of 14.5 million pesos. The Ameca River is 230 km in length, it rises in the Bosque de la Primavera in Jalisco, 23 km to the west of state capital Guadalajara; flows through the city of Ameca; and then forms the boundary between Jalisco and Nayarit on its way to the Pacific Ocean, where it drains into the Bahía de Banderas near Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Its main tributaries are the Ahuacatlán and Amatlán de Cañas.

According to the director of sanitation, Juan Gabriel Avalos Lemus, the new construction will address an old problem with the pollution of the Ameca River.