The Guadalaja Reporter, published the news of Barbara McKinley Morrison’s her first novel in which she has penned down her experiences of over two decades of living in the beach town of Bucerias in Jalisco.
“Dangerous Beginnings” is a journey of Susan O’Brien Shaw, a widow in search for a change in life. She has been living in Canada for the past 3 years but now in order to rekindle some happy memories she comes down to the beach town. But things have changed in Bucerias, much to her dismay. When she landed at Bucerias, a man attempted to snatch her briefcase and even her apartment in Bucerias gets ransacked and her purse is stolen. She has the least idea why she is been targeted.

Morrison and her husband Rex had opened Old English Fish & Chips in Puerto Vallarta way back in 1990. They shifted to Bucerias and ran Orcas on the Beach till 2002. Morrison’s husband passed away in 2009 and she moved to Canada. But she used to visit Bucerias in every winter.

In her own journey to find herself, she meets a young orphan boy named Rat who lives in a dump and befriends him. But soon both come under the radar of attacks and life gets threatened at every point. They take the matter into their own hands along with some trusted friends as they can’t trust the Mexican police.

The new book ‘Dangerous Beginnings’ was launched in a wine and cheese event and is available across in hard or soft cover and e-reader download format.